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The date palm has an intimate connection with the beautiful culture and traditions of the Middle East. Centuries ago, nomads discovered this sweet, candy-like fruit was easy to preserve, and packed a big punch of carbs and minerals. Today, we eat them in all sorts of ways: date paste and date sugar, breads, candies, and smoothies. But nothing is better than biting into a whole plain date, sugary with just a hint of natural caramel, the way Nature gave it to us.

At Labanh Factory, we have a passion for this ancient superfood. Khalas, Medjools, Sukkaris, we love them all. Dates are full of vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, niacin, vitamins B6 and A1, and folic acid, They are high in fiber, and an excellent cane sugar substitute for diabetics and people on low sugar diets. And at only 23 calories a fruit, the fat-free date is the perfect snack to stave off hunger and give you a boost of energy.

While we always recommend the perfect plain date, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of chocolate dipped and stuffed dates, as well as a variety of maamool cookies and date paste products. These beautifully boxed candies and sweets makes wonderful gifts, or treat yourself. They make any occasion special.