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Labanh Factory.

Since founding in 1995, Khaled Alrajhi Holding has adopted a diversified investment strategy in areas of high value and quality. Labanh Factory, as a purveyor of high quality dates and date products, is one of the gems of our corporate family.

Thanks to our plans based on the study of the market and its needs, we are pursuing an aggressive strategy to become the international face of dates. From reliable high quality fresh fruit to innovative new products tailored to today’s consumer tastes, we are dedicated to offering the best products and the best wholesale services, as well as building strong partnerships with our distributors and brands.

Our vision, to provide the world with the freshest and sweetest dates, is always first and foremost on our minds. Each of our dedicated, expertly-trained staff members at our state of the art facility work hard to embody our ideal of ethical corporate responsibility.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Best Regards,
Eng. Khaled Alrajhi