vacuum pack dates.

Nature’s perfect candy, dates have been sought after for centuries as an amazing superfood – delicious, but packing a huge boost of energy, vitamins, and minerals.

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stuffed dates coated with Chocolate.

Our sweet, succulent dates are decadently stuffed, and dipped in luxurious chocolate.

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paste date and maamool.

A variety of buttery desserts, and smooth, creamy date paste, to make any occasion special.

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The Prized Fruit of the Desert.

Delicious. Nutritious. Perfect.

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    Freshly Processed

    Our fresh packed dates are processed in facilities that meet the most exacting international standards for safety and quality. That means every sweet bite coming off our high tech production lines will be perfectly ripe, with no seed fragments.

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    The Best Nature Has to Offer

    The amazing date fruit is not only a delicious healthy snack, full of natural sugars, it has amazing nutritional properties. Packed full of vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, and B6, it’s the treat you can feel good about.

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    Only Excellence

    We accept only the highest quality ingredients in our desserts, cookies, and treats. From the ripest dates, to the creamiest ganache and the best pistachios and walnuts, we take pride in only offering what we would serve our own families.

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    No Additives or Preservatives

    All of the dates we offer are one hundred percent fruit, with no preservatives or additional sugars. Organic and healthy, we guarantee all you’re getting is what Nature intended.

When we started Labanh Factory, we had a vision – to share our love of rich, delicious Saudi dates with the world. We insist on producing dates of only the highest quality, meeting all the international standards of ISO and HACCP. Our state of the art production facility in Tabrak City has a production capacity of four thousand tons dates annually, supplying this perfect fruit to families around the globe.

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